Career Opportunities

Career Opportunities at Brenner-Fiedler


We are a quickly growing company with growing career opportunities to match. At Brenner-Fiedler, we recognize that our employees' success is also our company's future success. We offer a range of opportunities from engineering and sales through to product specialists and marketing. We never stop looking for the best and brightest to join our team. If you have the ambition and drive to succeed in a fast-paced team environment with tremendous career opportunities for growth and development, then we are the team for you.

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Why work at Brenner-Fiedler?

  • Rewarding: We are the right people, at the right time, with the right resources to do amazing things for society, businesses, and individuals.
  • Culture: We are a community that believes in quality, diversity, and innovation.
  • Communication: We believe an open door policy and communication are essential tools in achieving productivity and attaining strong working relationships.
  • Environment: One company. One team. One passion. We believe that together we can accomplish more than individually.
  • Perks: Regardless of whether it is the beginning or middle of your career, or if you are looking forward to retirement, we provide benefits to support your needs.

Brenner-Fiedler Values

  1. 1. Be passionate about excellence.
  2. 2. Pursue outrageous goals; grow & reinvest.
  3. 3. Embrace chaos & innovation.
  4. 4. Be accountable; integrity above all else.
  5. 5. Be a leader in everything you do.
  6. 6. Simplify the complex & add value.
  7. 7. Perform with speed, flexibility & precision.
  8. 8. Collaborate & communicate; team is everything.

Open Positions at Brenner-Fiedler

    1. 1. Business Relations Executive
    2. 2. B2B Outside OEM Sales Territory Manager - Northern CA
    3. 3. Controller
    4. 4. Warehouse Associate