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Brenner-Fiedler is now a leader in retractable guarding solutions


Brenner-Fiedler is now a leader in retractable guarding solutions. The best-selling ExtendaMatic and Slide-A-Matic industrial strength guarding systems are your solution for safety and security on site.



SOLID – The ExtendaMatic supports itself without a bracing wheel, allowing guarding of areas with floor obstructions

RUGGED – All components are heavy duty enough to withstanding the rigors of industrial use

RIGID – Precision engineered to remain true to form without bending, sagging or buckling
RETRACTABLE – Pulls back into about 15% of its extended length.

SECURE – Quick and safe to deploy or retract with smooth operation and simple, solid latching system.

SAFE – When properly configured, the ExtendaMatic is compatible with OSHA requirements, including withstanding 200 lb. side force.



SLIM – The Slide-A-Matic is ultra-thin (less than 1 inch thick) but provides exceptional rigidity over the length of its span.

SECURE – Padlock-able latching system assures proper alignment of gate and can be accessed from either side.

SELF SUPPORTED – Portable system does not require an overhead suspension or floor tracks (No other cage-type gating can do that!).

ADJUSTABLE – Available in three heights and long runs, is fixed or portable, and can be linked together to form enclosures.



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