Sequential Systems

Step-by-Step Processing

Step-by-Step Processing is an automated procedure that is completed in sequential order. One example could be a chemical plant where the operator enters the desired recipe, and each of the chemicals are added in a specific order with a specified amount, mixed for a specified time, and heated to a specified temperature. These systems would repeat the same process every time, over and over again, assuming the operator chooses the same recipe. As with many machines, these can be highly complicated to fairly simple designs but follow the same type of logic. Some additional examples would be vending machines, bottling plants, and packaging machines.

Data Acquisition

Data Acquisition systems are needed in many applications where analysis and reporting are a high priority. These systems can create batch reports and data files of any process within the system. Some variables that could be recorded are date, time, temperature, volume, weight, length, velocity, position, and any other measurement that is necessary for your records.

Alarm Monitoring & Notification

Alarm Monitoring & Notification is a common need for most machines. Many times, machines run 24hrs/day 365/year and it is simply impossible to calculate when something might go wrong with the system. This is where Alarm Monitoring & Notification come into play. Referring to the chemical plant example above, it can be very dangerous if something goes wrong in a chemical plant and it is not addressed quickly. When an alarm triggers (hi/lo, on/off), alarms can notify the operator near the machine and even send and Email and/or SMS message to the responsible operator at any time the machine is running. This can minimize machine downtime and more importantly prevent catastrophic events from happening to your machine.