Vision Inspection Systems

Vision Inspection Systems

Many companies maintain human inspectors to visually inspect parts on an assembly line on quality, while machine vision systems use camera and image processing software to complete the same task. Machine vision inspection, however, ensures quality control while reducing cost and ensuring customer satisfaction 100% of the time. Machine vision inspection takes human error out of the equation.


Machine vision system inspection consists of narrowly defined tasks such as counting objects on a conveyor, reading serial numbers, and searching for surface defects. Machine vision inspection systems are perfect for high speed, high magnification, 24/7 operation.

Our machine vision inspection product lines encompass both hardware and software while covering a wide range of performance and price point requirements. We provide a complete offering of products and solutions ranging from smart cameras to embedded vision systems.

What Vision Inspection Systems Can Do?

Smart camera inspection systems complete imperative tasks such as measuring parts, verifying parts are in the correct position, and recognizing the shape of parts. In addition, vision systems can measure and sort parts at high speeds. Software that often comes with the vision inspection systems captures images throughout the process and stores relevant data. A vision system can be startlingly simple, or as complex as making a decision that will trigger an operator to act based on a pass/fail assessment. From 2D to 3D, machine vision systems can be used for automated inspection, robot guidance, quality control and sorting, and much more.

What Applications Can Vision Systems Be Applied To?

Vision inspection systems can be used in any number of industries in which quality control is necessary such as manufacturing lines, sorting, packing and many more.  For example, vision systems can assist robotic systems to obtain the positioning of parts to further automate and streamline the manufacturing process.  Data collected by a vision system can be used to reduce costs associated with inefficiency in a variety of applications.


Industries Using Vision Systems for Inspection

Overall, there is a large portfolio of smart vision systems can be used in a variety of industries. They have a single machine vision software platform, incredible flexibility and security, and a short time to market making them a perfect cost-saving solution.

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Vision inspection systems can be used in a variety of industries such as automation, robotics, pharmaceuticals, packaging, automotive, food and beverage, semiconductors, life sciences, medical imaging, electronics and manufacturing companies. Because vision inspection systems combine various technologies, the design of these systems can be customized to meet the needs of many industries.

In the food industry, there are several requirements and types of barcodes. The most widespread, required due to the most recent regulations on food safety, is known as OCR (Optical Character Recognition) marking code, with characters which can be read by the human eye provides information regarding items such as expiry date, batch number, and production factory. Another food industry code is the traditional barcode, legible exclusively with a barcode reader. These codes are labeled or printed on the product and allow for automation of production processes and logistics in a Smart Factory as well as extending traceability to the final consumer. A variety of smart cameras are ideal for these types of food traceability.

The pharmaceutical industry has substantial requirements in terms of product traceability from manufacturing to the point of sale. There are currently different standards depending on the country. European regulations have long since introduced convergence towards a standard based on the Datamatrix 2D code. These codes have pharmaceutical applications covering traceability, serializing (which means a different code for each individual product for anti-forgery inspections), production and logistics. These codes are also used to check the correct matching between medication, instruction leaflet, and package; including verification of multiple packing. Datalogic bar code Matrix Series imagers ensure full compliance with standards and regulations while offering smart functions like liquid lens auto-focus and the ability to automatically scan and decode all different types of codes.

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