Motion Control Systems

Motion Control Systems to Increase Efficiency and Decrease Cost

Motion Control is a sub-category of automation in which a portion of a machine is being moved by an electric motor, actuator, or pump. Motion control can be seen in many aspects of industrial automation from robots to conveyor belts as well as automatic sliding doors in your local grocery store.

As an established provider of automation solutions for a number of different industries, we understand that cost matters. That's why, when you turn to us for pick and place machines or similar motion control systems, we'll be looking to create a system that not only does what you need it to, but enables you to achieve your objectives faster, more accurately and for less than imagined.

Brenner-Fiedler can help you engineer and turn your motion controlled ideas into reality.

X-Y Coordination

Some simple systems move in the X-Direction and/or Y-Direction. Some common applications would be conveyor belts in your warehouse to move product from one section of your system to the other. Lifts are another application that can help your products or employees reach specific heights which were once unreachable. Some systems include both where the X and Y movements work together to get the desired efficiency you might be looking for in your machine.

Pick and Place Machines - 3D Motion Control

Our company specializes in motion control systems and is able to provide both 2D and 3D options. A 3D system usually involves some form of grab mechanism, used in conjunction with a conveyor belt system or similar set-up. We are able to offer a selection of stock items, as well as a customization service if you need motion control designed and built to the specific needs of your business.

Pick and Place machines build on top of the X and Y design and integrates the third dimension, Z. The additional dimension allows your machine to move within a specific volume by adding depth into the equation. These machines typically have mechanism to grab or “Pick” an object and “Place” the object in a specific container or location within the given volume of the system. These machines are commonly built over a conveyor belt, and with the addition of advanced vision systems, your machine can be designed to be very quick and highly accurate to improve efficiencies in your business.

The pick and place machines we provide are designed using advanced technology in order to deliver a product that gives you the outcomes you're looking for. Capable of good accuracy and speed, everything we make is quality-controlled at every stage of the production process to ensure consistently good results.

Multi-Axis Gantry

Multi-Axis Gantry systems are specifically engineered to support your system needs. These overhead type structures can support your specified load as well as upwards of 16 different motors or actuators to accomplish the job correctly and safely. An example of a gantry would be the massive cranes loading shipping containers on and off ships and onto trucks. These systems can be designed in a smaller scale to provide you with a more reasonable package for what is required.

Coordinated Motion

Coordinated Motion is simply the synchronization of multiple motors to accomplish a more fluid motion. An example of this would be a XY coordinated machine capable of drawing a perfect circle. This might sound trivial, but this is one of the more advanced functions from a machine standpoint. Imagine all the variables, velocity, acceleration, and position, a machine must process and communicate across all components in the system to achieve the desired output. Contact for more information.

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