Product Lines

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Pneumatic valves
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Low to medium voltage products… Contactors, motor overload protection, starters, relays, power supplies, transformers, circuit breakers, disconnect switches.
Tubing and fittings (brass) and pneumatic valves
Air cylinders, solenoid valves and rotary index tables
Air driven diaphragm pumps for pumping liquids
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Pneumatic actuators, valves and grippers. Air preparation (FRL's). Shock absorbers, pressure switches, tubing and fittings.
Vacuum pumps, regenerative blowers, compressor systems
Vacuum pumps and compressors including complete systems.
Pneumatic valves.
Electric AC and DC motors
Pneumatic, electric and Hydraulic actuators. Pneumatic valves. Air preparation (FRL's).
Pneumatic fittings & specials
Pneumatic regulators, IP/EP transducers, diaphragm air cylinders
Sensors, vision systems, light curtains, bar code readers
Vacuum pumps
Pneumatic cylinders, linear slides, rotary actuators and valves. Air Preparation (FRL's)
Air compressors, vacuum pumps, air motors, blowers, vacuum generators.
Proportional, pneumatic and liquid valves.
Linear diaphragm blowers, compressors and vacuum pumps.
Oil free compressors and systems.
High flow regulators, proportional valves and mass flow controllers. Flow and pressure measurement.
Pneumatic and Electric Actuators, pneumatic valves, air preparation (FRL's), sensors and switches, shock absorbers, liquid valves, static control ionizers.
Motor control, control and signaling, circuit protection, automation and control, energy management.
Storage tanks
Aluminum extrusion, barrier guarding, enclosures
Vacuum pumps & boosters
Air preparation (FRL's), directional control valves, electric actuators, tubing and fittings, fluid control valves, pneumatic actuators and valves, safety valves, vacuum generators.
Compressed air and vacuum filtration, air dryers, industrial nitrogen generators.
Hydraulic, pneumatic, mill welded, tie down cylinders
Tubing and fittings, pneumatic valves, vacuum generators, air preparation (FRL's), grippers.
Blowers and vacuum pumps.
Fluid power safety valves
Rotary actuators
Liquid pumps, air boosters, gas boosters, high pressure valves
Stainless steel tube, pipe, instrumentation fittings and tubing
Electric cylinders and grippers, linear rotary actuators, encoders, controllers, high torque brushless DC motors.
Industrial filters, traps and silencers.
Vacuum lifting systems
Touchscreen/HMI with PLC embedded.