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In today’s Industry 4.0 manufacturing environment, companies are challenged more and more by rising material costs, resource management, and in some cases, skyrocketing labor and benefit costs. This is where Brenner-Fiedler can lend a hand.


Custom Sub-Assemblies

For over 70 years, Brenner-Fiedler has developed solutions to customer’s assembly challenges. Spanning a variety of industries we offer a range of efficient assembly services that reduce component cost, lead times and labor costs while increasing quality and meeting  even the most stringent application requirements.

Aluminum Extrusion

Our profile system is widely used in industries like medical, pharmaceutical, hospitality and industrial. Ideal for enclosures, racks, cleanrooms, hoods, workstations, sound barriers, motion systems, gantry work and more. Our aluminum extrusion is available in more than 250 different configurations. All of our systems are made from high-grade aluminum and benefit from a demanding build specification that results in durable, robustly constructed items.

We understand that not every need is satisfied by an off-the-shelf solution. That’s why we provide a custom service, designing and producing profile systems created to your exact requirements. If you have a project that you would like to attempt, but aren’t sure whether it can be realized, get in touch. We will be pleased to talk through the various solutions that we can offer.

Ergonomic Vacuum Lifting

Introducing the most innovative and safe lifting solution for industries with repetitive lifting demands that require safety and efficiency. From flat or sack items, to transferring boxes to a pallet, our lifter system is an easy, cost effective way to reduce more than 80% of the load on your employee’s body. This ergonomic lifting solution can lift multiple objects at once, rotate the load, tilt sideways and much more. It’s our way of helping you minimize strain injuries, back pain and sick leave, while increasing efficiency and employee happiness.
With the average cost of a back injury related Worker’s Comp claim between $40,000 - $80,000 per employee, a vacuum lifting system has never been more important.

Contract Manufacturing

As companies struggle to compete in an increasingly aggressive global market, company leaders are beginning to focus primarily on their core competencies by outsourcing to increase efficiency and reduce cost.

Our experts learn the details of your manufacturing process to deliver labor-saving production solutions. This frees you to focus on your company’s strengths and bottom line.

For more information about our value-add solutions, contact us or call @ (800) 843-5558 to speak to one of our experts today.