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  • Riverside’s Brenner-Fiedler Named Inland Empire Top Workplace for 2022

    Employee Survey Honors Industrial Automation Firm Seventh Time in Nine Years

    RIVERSIDE, Calif. (Feb. 2, 2023) – A national recognition program has once again honored Riverside’s Brenner-Fiedler for its outstanding workplace culture as measured by employee feedback.

    In business since 1948, Brenner-Fiedler supplies industrial automation and pneumatic systems for industries, businesses and applications throughout California, Nevada, Arizona and New Mexico.

    Top Workplaces is a national awards program based solely on feedback gathered through a survey administered by employee engagement technology partner Energage. The confidential survey measures 15 culture drivers considered critical to an organization’s success, including alignment, execution and connection.

    “It takes a winning team to create winning results,” said Deborah Kloman-Lichter, Brenner-Fiedler’s co-owner and CEO. “We’re all energized by the hard work, dedication, collaborative problem-solving, inspiration and joy that comes from being on a winning team.

    In 2022, the family-owned business expanded with the purchase of competitor Deken Power’s assets, eclipsed several in-house sales records and welcomed nearly two dozen new team members. On track to continue its winning streak, Brenner-Fiedler will celebrate its milestone 75th anniversary later this year.

    Brenner-Fiedler has been honored with the Top Workplace designation seven times in the past nine years. Riverside’s Press-Enterprise newspaper recognized 37 Southern California companies and organizations as Inland Empire Top Workplaces for 2022.

    About Brenner-Fiedler
    Brenner-Fiedler supplies industrial automation and pneumatic systems for industries and applications throughout California, Nevada, Arizona and New Mexico. In addition to outstanding customer service, the company offers an expert collection of value-add solutions that save businesses time and money, including Custom Sub-Assemblies, Contract Manufacturing, OEM Control Panel Builds and Aluminum Extrusions. In business since 1948, the family-owned business prides itself on a passionate pursuit of excellence, where “team is everything” and employees are expected to be leaders in everything they do.

    To learn more visit our LinkedIn, along with our social media channels @brennerfiedler on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

  • Employees Say: Riverside Industrial Automation Firm Once Again Among Inland Empire’s Top Workplaces

    Workplace Survey Puts Brenner-Fiedler in Region’s Upper Class

    RIVERSIDE, Calif. (March 11, 2022) – In recognition of what it calls its “connected company culture,” Riverside-based Brenner-Fiedler has once again been recognized by its own employees as one of the Inland Empire’s Top Workplaces for 2021.

    In business for nearly 75 years, Brenner-Fiedler supplies industrial automation and pneumatic systems that serve an ever-growing list of industries and applications throughout California, Nevada, Arizona and New Mexico.

    Top Workplaces is a national awards program based solely on feedback captured from an employee engagement survey. According to the program sponsor, “There are no subjective elements to the process, making Top Workplaces the most credible, authentic employer recognition program.”

    Businesses recognized as Top Workplaces are determined by quantitative employee feedback as well as statements and demographic information collected by the survey.

    “From the time my dad joined Brenner-Fiedler more than 50 years ago, we've worked hard to create an environment where every employee feels accepted, valued, and has a sense of belonging,” said Deborah Kloman-Lichter, Co-owner and CEO.

    “The last couple of years have been especially challenging but despite everything the world has thrown at us, the team kept delivering outstanding service and exceptional value. Day after day after day. I couldn’t be prouder that their own feedback made us one of the Inland Empire’s Top Workplaces — again!”

    The family-owned business prides itself on a passionate pursuit of excellence, where “team is everything” and employees are expected to be leaders in everything they do. It’s a culture that has built a small-but-mighty workforce with more than 300 years of combined service to Brenner-Fiedler.

    With its 2021 Top Workplaces recognition, Brenner-Fiedler has now received the designation six times within the past eight years. Riverside’s Press-Enterprise newspaper recognized 33 Inland Empire companies and organizations as Top Workplaces for 2021.

    To learn more about Brenner-Fiedler, visit and its LinkedIn page, and follow its social media channels @brennerfiedler on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

  • Riverside Industrial Automation Firm Puts Robot Pastry Chef to Work in Whimsical Holiday Video

    "An HD version of the Brenner-Fiedler Robot Holiday Video is available on YouTube and LinkedIn, along with their social media channels @brennerfiedler on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram."

    Robot Orders Booming As North American Businesses Race to Automate

    RIVERSIDE, Calif. (Dec. 7, 2021) – Throughout North America, companies have been adding robots at a record pace, scrambling to adapt assembly lines while struggling to fill job openings for human workers.

    For one Southern California business, news of the robot rush coincided with a wish to show off one of the leading-edge units it now offers businesses to help them operate more cost- effectively and competitively.

    Riverside-based Brenner-Fiedler has been supplying industrial automation and pneumatic systems for nearly 75 years. More recently the firm started offering robots that can be finely tailored to a wide variety of business applications.

    To demonstrate their capabilities in a clever way, the company chose a bright yellow, Santa-capped FANUC SR-12iA industrial SCARA robot. A Selective Compliance Assembly Robot Arm, one that mimics the hinge-like movement of a human arm. A robot ideal for high-speed, precision applications such as assembly, pick-and-place, testing, inspection and packaging.

    Brenner-Fiedler combined the in-house knowhow of robotics engineer Andrew Pilarski and mechanical engineering intern Justin Salamat to program the machine to precisely apply line after line of royal icing-like caulking on a bright red cake created by sales support executive Christine Lanting.

    Next, after a quick armature switch, a separate programming routine used a delicate amount of vacuum pressure to lift, carry and place a handful of peppermint candies and gingerbread men.

    The end result? A sweet surprise set to merry music – Brenner-Fiedler’s swooshing logo rendered in “frosting” at the center of a festive cake decorated entirely by robot labor.

    According to Pilarski, prepping the robot for the script’s multiple tasks required only a handful of hours across a few days, a testament to how reliable and versatile they are.

    After Lanting dressed the “set” with festive yuletide props, it took just a few dozen takes to capture the robot’s entire decorating process, then a few weeks for Redlands, Calif.-based videoFP to whittle them into a jaunty 49 seconds.

    An HD version of the Brenner-Fiedler Robot Holiday Video is available on YouTube and LinkedIn, along with their social media channels @brennerfiedler on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

    According to one industry group, North American factories and other industrial users ordered 37 percent more robots in the first nine months of 2021 than during the same period in 2020, at a total cost of around $1.48 billion.

    Some say the rise in robot orders is evidence of companies investing to keep up with surging demand against a backdrop of ongoing shortages. Other businesses are turning to automation for the first time after struggling to fill jobs during the pandemic.

    In business since 1948, Brenner-Fiedler sees a bright future ahead, one in which more and more companies are considering not whether to automate but whether they can afford not to

    [Editor’s Note: To learn more about Brenner-Fiedler, call (800) 843-5558 or visit]
  • We Are Brenner-Fiedler. This is What We Do.

    We Help Businesses Improve Technology, Efficiency, Quality and Safety, While Reducing Waste, Cost and Risk

    RIVERSIDE, Calif. (Sept. 8, 2021) — Considering automation? Are you an OEM in need of builds? Consider Brenner-Fiedler. We supply automation and pneumatic solutions that combine innovation, affordability, and reliability.


    Tough problems are no problem for our skilled engineers and technicians. In fact, we are the problem solvers! Consider us an extension of your team, helping your business improve technology, efficiency, quality, and safety, while reducing waste, cost, and risk.

    Headquartered in Riverside, Calif., our team partners directly with yours to engineer cost-effective, value-add solutions that allow you to operate more efficiently and competitively.

    We offer a full spectrum of automation and pneumatic systems for use in applications such as packaging, assembly, palletizing, material handling, OEM builds, and panels. And we ensure our sales team and product specialists stay current on the latest products, trends, and customer challenges.

    Since 1948, we've served a diverse and ever-growing range of businesses in industries such as food and beverage, medical, consumer goods, energy, transportation, electronics, packaging, and many more.

    And we can help yours. We are Brenner-Fiedler. This is what we do.

    To learn more about how Brenner-Fiedler can help build the future of your business, call us at (800) 843-5558 or visit us online at

    ISO 9001 2015, ISO 13485, UL 508A, FDA, CE, and UL certified

  • Brenner-Fiedler Collaborative Robot UR5 Baking Tray and Paper Pick and Place

  • Brenner-Fiedler Collaborative Robot UR5 Pick and Place with Inspection and Image Barcode Reader Test

  • Wallmount Enclosures for Food and Beverage

    We are working towards a digital revolution. We’ve already experienced it in many ways, with the incorporation of smart technology in our daily lives, and in many business environments. But the changes are still coming, and there’s a lot of opportunity ahead, calling for some interesting and simple solutions.

    Wallmount enclosures are among the best of those simple solutions, offering a way to safely and cleanly protect any mounted machinery or parts, especially in sterile environments. The food and beverage industry are often challenged with the kinds of technology they can incorporate into their factories, due to a need for that equipment to be sterile, as well as the surroundings. Wallmounted enclosures are one option, allowing for the thick blue silicone gasket to provide a seal between the enclosure and the wall. Continue reading

  • 5 principles for compressed air efficiency

    When utilizing compressed air, there are many factors to consider, according to your specific needs. Ultimate application is what highlight your priorities, and these will vary according to each individual situation. Some machines might need specific attributes, others might need a lack of specific qualities; ultimately, the goal should be to have an efficient system which meets the needs you have. However when it comes down to it, true efficiency is the ability to make a quality product while maximizing time.

    There are a few principles for compressed air efficiency, which are important to consider, especially when anticipating the purchase of machinery or systems.

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  • Are you too small for Robotics?

    Many medium-sized businesses are on the lookout for new ways to increase productivity, without expanding the current labor force. What if there were ways to help your team be more productive, without asking additional effort or time from them?

    That’s where robotics can provide an answer.

    But the question we hear most frequently resounds: Are we too small for robotics?

    Do we have enough work to justify a heavy piece of machinery? One with great expense and a learning curve? Would it really make us that much more productive? The answers might truly surprise you. We have compiled some quick questions and answers that might help make your decision clear.

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