Welcome, Deken Power Customers!

Welcome, Deken Power Customers!

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Effective October 20, 2022, Riverside, California’s Brenner-Fiedler has acquired the assets of Deken Power, Inc.

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In business since 1948, Brenner-Fiedler supplies industrial automation and pneumatic systems for industries and applications throughout California, Nevada, Arizona and New Mexico. In addition to outstanding customer service, the company offers an expert collection of value-add solutions that save businesses time and money, including Custom Sub-Assemblies, Contract Manufacturing, OEM Control Panel Builds and Aluminum Extrusions.

“Deken Power has been family owned for 50 years,” said Dennis Hurst, the firm’s President and CEO. “I was looking for a company with integrity and honesty. Brenner-Fiedler has always operated with integrity, so I feel comfortable passing the responsibility for our customers and customer service to a company that cares.”

Deborah Kloman-Lichter, Brenner-Fiedler’s co-owner and CEO, acknowledged a kinship with Deken as two family-owned businesses operating for decades in the same Southern California circles.

“We’re delighted to have made this deal with Deken Power,” she said. “Acquiring its assets represents the next step in Brenner-Fiedler’s growth so I’m grateful to Dennis for trusting us with its legacy.”

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