Laser Marking Machines

Laser Marking Machines

Increase accuracy, lower cost, and reduce the environmental footprint

With industrial and governmental regulations, as well as ensuring your customers have they need, laser marking has become increasingly important. A laser is arguably the best way to permanently mark parts. Lasers require little to no maintenance compared to all other marking systems and generally require no consumables.

Laser marking is a permanent and flexible technology that can be used in a variety of applications such as expiration dates on water bottles, mobile phone branding, backlighted car dashboards and cattle tags. Whether batch, serialized number, best before date, official logos, or other data, consumer products, and industrial items cannot exist without laser marking.

With its unique performance, laser marking guarantees extremely reliable, flexible and automated marking that is permanent and durable. Numerous industries such as automotive, electronics, fashion, food and medical rely on laser marking for reliable and counterfeit-proof identification, labeling, branding, product security and backtracking purposes. Through the use of laser marking devices, manufacturers increase production efficiency, achieve precision quality and highly accurate labeling of workpieces. The resulting mark fully complies with the highest hygienic standards for manufactured goods and a better ecological footprint due to reduced waste and use of chemicals

Advantages of Laser Marking

  • Ensures there are no extraordinary costs or lawsuits for missing, incorrect, or illegible labels.
  • Automatically store vital information to your company’s traceability process.
  • Instantly verify readability.
  • Laser marking and verifying in the same operation reduces your machinery footprint.
  • Adheres to the highest hygienic and aseptic design requirements.
  • Never worry about print heads to clean or platter.
  • Inkjet printing requires the heads to be cleaned with harsh chemicals. Operators typically wear a respirator as the cleaning chemicals are toxic. Laser marking ensures employee safety.
  • There is little to no maintenance which means more time marking and less time maintaining, resulting in a greater ROI.
  • Clean marking is now possible for 3D surfaces, such as stepped, sloped, curved, conical and spherical surfaces without any additional software.
  • Resistant to counterfeiting and cannot be removed.
  • Efficient production in high quantities through automation

Our laser markers are great for deep or shallow engraving in metals, marking on plastics/resins or plastic films, and for fine processing.

Reducing Effort with Easy Operability

Editing Data

There is no need to buy separate editing software, or a computer to edit data. Data editing functionality is built right into the laser marker itself, simplifying the process.

Offline Editing

You can also use a separate computer if you choose, to create and edit the print data, including graphics, with the same functionality as is built into the laser marker

Laser marking is valuable for a variety of industries and activities including:

  • Production efficient marking in the automotive industry
  • Precise marking to the millimeter of industrial or automotive electronic components
  • Flexible, software-controlled laser marking for food and retail industry packaging in the case of best-before date & manufacturing data
  • Highly sterile, high-contrast, and precise marking of surgical instruments
  • Continuous labeling of pharmaceutical packaging
  • Microscopic size, durable marking of products to combat piracy
  • Electronic component branding and personalization