Autonomous Mobile Robots

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Autonomous Mobile Robots

Work faster, safer, and hassle-free

Warehouses are high-speed operations. Our Autonomous Mobile Robots operate safely in environments shared by people to process orders faster, increase efficiency, and lower costs with no need for facility changes or significant employee training.

It's not easy, but your business and your competition continue to force you to do more with less. You see many areas you can tackle to make improvements and you know many of these solutions lead to some sort of automation. You need a solution that is flexible, fast to implement, and provides immediate results.

Like all collaborative autonomous mobile robots (AMRs), Fetch robots don't require fixed paths or any facility modifications. They have the ability to plan optimal point to point travel while reasonably navigating their way around people and other obstacles. Fetch robots, however, have numerous additional enhancements to bridge the gap between truly safe collaborative automation and current traditional AMRs.



Integrated 3D camera and LiDAR for superior vision and obstacle avoidance.

Custom motors and suspension for precise and reliable odometry.

Injection molded fire resistant skins on HMIShelf robots for industrial grade durability.

Fully configurable shelving for various bin, tote, and package sizes.

Integrated eye-level touchscreen with simple programmable interface*.

Available charge dock for autonomous charging.

FetchCore fleet management software for easy setup.


*Available on HMIShelf robots


Automation Material Transport

What is a VirtualConveyor?

VirtualConveyor is an autonomous mobile robot transport system that includes one or more material transport robots and our charge docks connected to FetchCore fleet management software. A variety of material transport robots accommodate various bin, tote, and package sizes. Integrated touchscreens provide simple error-free interfaces for your warehouse associates.

Your warehouse associates may be spending a huge part of their day simply walking material from one location to another. VirtualConveyor robots simplify their material handling responsibilities, increasing their overall output. No need for significant training or certifications, VirtualConveyor robots are easy to use and simple to deploy.


Automated Data Collection Platform


Precise movement and tracking

Properly placing and moving measuring and recording instruments is key to accurate and comprehensive information gathering. Freight provides centimeter-level control, even within environments that are millions of square feet.


Extensible hardware and software

Thousands of mounting point combinations, plus network and power connection access to accommodate whatever sensor payload you choose. FetchCore's RestAPI and separate partner API provide task and function customizability.


Simple setup and deployment

Quickly map environments, define workloads and create schedules through our intuitive FetchCore software and have DataSurvey working within hours.


Image capture and analysis

Software for various types of visual detection and image recognition have expanded the possibilities of data collection and analysis. Our ShelfSurveyor™ platform mobilizes an array of cameras to capture high resolution images more reliably and more frequently.


RFID asset tracking

How valuable is increased visibility to your inventory? With combinations of RFID readers and antennae, our TagSurveyor™ mobile platform can help automate cycle counts, allowing for more frequent and reliable inventory checks and location tracking within your environment.

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